Masterclass: The Power of Breath

Masterclass at The Conscious Club Amsterdam

Saturday April 14th | 13:00-15:30 | langage: English | Price: €55,-

“I do not breathe the right way” is what people say often.
Yet and fortunately, most people have perfect working lungs and airways.
So what goes wrong? And how to breathe ‘properly’ and effectively?
This is one of the many things you learn and experience is his masterclass.
If you want to know all about the relation of breathing and stress related issues like burnout, come to this masterclass.
You will get the tools to relax and energise and understand how to apply this in your daily life.
If you consciously influence the subconscious process of your breathing, you immediately notice the change in your system.

There are many different breathing techniques with different purposes.


To relax, energise, focus better or be more creative, it’s all within reach by something as simple as breathing.
This is one of the many things you learn and experience in this masterclass.
Our breath automatically takes care of the sensitive balance between the oxygen en carbon dioxide level in our body. More and more athletes do breathing exercises to perform better. Do you want to know about this relation and how this works?
Come experience this in this masterclass.

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This masterclass is a perfect way to get a deeper understanding of how to breathe properly and why this is important.


Different types of breathing are to be discussed and experienced in practical exercises.
Knowing by feeling is the best way to learn, so be welcome and join this masterclass.
This masterclass will take you on a journey of different breathing techniques and combines understanding with the mind with feeling by experiencing.
Many people say conscious breathing changed their life completely and is one of the most profound experiences of their lives! If you want to experience it yourself, join this masterclass.


Tickets available at: The Conscious Club

Facilitator: Rob Koning
Date: Saturday April 14th
Time: 13:00 – 15:30
Loction: The Conscious Club, Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €55